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Important Information regarding Short-Term Rental Charges

Companies, and drivers, using daily rental and short-term leasing services are being advised to check vehicles carefully, before and after the hire period, and make sure they complete, and keep copies of, their Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR).

According to Alison Mead, head of Grosvenor Rental Management, the national rental companies have become far stricter with regard to vehicle damage, fuel in the tank and mileage allowances. Companies using rental services should ensure they are far more vigilant in meeting the terms of the agreement to avoid any unwanted recharge bills.

“Fleet managers, and drivers, should follow some very simple rules when hiring daily rental and short-term lease vehicles,” said Alison, “and by doing so they will minimise any chance of disputes.

“Sign, and keep, copies of the Vehicle Inspection Reports because if any damage is spotted on the vehicle it will be assumed that the failure to return the form was because the driver knew that the damage was their fault.

“Make sure that you leave the fuel tank where it was when the vehicle was delivered, otherwise you’ll pay a much higher fuel rate.

“Do not exceed the mileage allowance because excess mileage can be very expensive.

“Avoid out of hours hire cars unless your need is absolutely essential. These are charged for at a much higher rate than normal. Unless a driver’s need is critical to have a car in the evening or at night, always wait until the next day.”

Grosvenor Rental Management specialises in the provision and management of daily rental and short-term lease vehicles, sourced through a panel of major national rental companies.

For more information about Grosvenor Rental Management, please contact Alison Mead on 01536 536536 or email

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