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Short-Term Lease on the Increase

Companies looking to extend their vehicle fleet in 2014 are using short-term lease in order to retain a degree of flexibility.

Short-term lease sits in between daily rental and longer-term contract hire, enabling companies to lease a car or van on a flexible basis, returning it at any time without penalty after 28 days.

“The number of vehicles ordered on a short-term lease has soared,” said Alison Mead, head of Grosvenor Rental Management.

“As a fully managed service, all servicing, maintenance and repairs are included in the same fashion as contract hire. Yet rather than commit to 2, 3 or 4 years you can return the vehicle at any time after the initial 28 day period.

“Its therefore ideal for expanding companies who aren’t sure how many company cars or vans they will need, and it’s also great for new members of staff in probationary periods, those on short-term contracts and other occasional users of cars and vans.”

Grosvenor Rental Management is the dedicated division of Grosvenor Leasing that deals with daily rental and short-term lease. Cars, vans, car-derived vans, diesels, 4×4/off road and more specialist vehicles are all available.

For more information, please call Alison Mead on 01536 536536 or email

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