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Short-Term Lease Ideal for Supporting Business Growth

With news of an improving economy, many businesses are adopting an air of ‘cautious optimism’ as they enter the second half of 2013. For companies looking to capitalise on improved trading conditions, the recruitment of additional staff who require a company car is vital to business growth. Yet many are hesitant about committing to a […]

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Short-Term Lease on the Increase

Companies looking to extend their vehicle fleet in 2014 are using short-term lease in order to retain a degree of flexibility. Short-term lease sits in between daily rental and longer-term contract hire, enabling companies to lease a car or van on a flexible basis, returning it at any time without penalty after 28 days. “The […]

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Important Information regarding Short-Term Rental Charges

Companies, and drivers, using daily rental and short-term leasing services are being advised to check vehicles carefully, before and after the hire period, and make sure they complete, and keep copies of, their Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). According to Alison Mead, head of Grosvenor Rental Management, the national rental companies have become far stricter with […]

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